26 March 2019
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BARAC Justice4Trayvon Demo - SAT 27 JULY.

bara justiceNational Action Demo - Opposing global racism and injustice has called this snap demo to protest and the raging injustices fuelled by racism that has seen new revelation about the Lawrence being covertly spied upon by the police, the unlawful killings verdicts of Azelle Ropdney, Jimmy Mubenga and in the US the debacle of the Trayvon Martin case.


Filmmaker Callum Macrae on Sri Lanka documentary ‘No Fire Zone’

weeping girlThe Sri Lankan army thought no one was watching as it shelled unarmed civilians. Then the filmmaker sprang a rather unpleasant surprise


No ID, no security – the dilemma of Sri Lanka’s returnees

id 1Close to 100,000 returnees in Sri Lanka’s north lack national identity cards (NICs), more than four years after the end of the country’s decades-long civil war.


Mr. Erdoğan, give me back my sons

kurdishOn top of those arrested in the 1980s and throughout the 1990s, in the last three years alone, an estimated 10,000 political and non-political activists have been arrested on alleged PKK links.


When your only goal is to die.

moth son 17I have been putting it off long enough. As I am sitting in my living room, contemplating what to make for dinner, and how to get the house clean, the media is full of stories of politicians sexually assaulting minors, of lone rangers making bombs that they intended to use for killing many, of financial crisis and of other stuff that I really wonder if many are interested in reading. But people surprise.


Rape:Sri Lanka’s Weapon of Genocide

fellow tamil womenMy fellow Tamil women

What have you done for peace in the isle?
Take off your clothes and open up your vagina
For the Sinhala warriors of the land of Buddha

- Poem by an Angry Tamil Woman


Protest Against Intimidating Social and Cultural Activists

media freedomMedia Statement of condemning the attempt of ITN (a state media in Sri Lanka) to vilify and disgrace Gamini Viyangoda, a social activist and banning the movie "Flying Fish" directed by Sanjeewa Pushpakumara.


Lack of funding for post-war housing in northern Sri Lanka

homelessThousands of permanent homes needed for returnees to northern Sri Lanka in the aftermath of a 26-year civil war which ended in 2009, are not being built because of a lack of donor funding.


Child fear abducited in Sri Lanka

child fearIn Sri Lanka, the persistent failure to hold perpetrators accountable for human rights violations and abuses has fostered a persistent culture of impunity, in which arbitrary detention, torture, extra-judicial killings and other serious violations continue to be regularly reported.


Shot Pakistan schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai addresses UN

malaya usupMalala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban, has told the UN that books and pens scare extremists, as she urged education for all.


My Life at Guantanamo

Prison usA detainee at the US prison explains that hunger striking is the only way left to cry out for life, freedom and dignity.


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Navin-300 6 sinhala






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