26 March 2019
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An Appeal to Pope: not to contribute even indirectly to the continuation of Dictatorship


popeThe Jaffna Diocesan Laity Council has made an appeal to the Pope on his visit to Sri Lanka.

The full text of appeal as follows


The Jaffna Diocesan Laity Council

An Appeal not to contribute even indirectly to the continuation of Dictatorship, Cruelty and Lawlessness in Sri Lanka

We are happy to read the following:
‘Speaking of Argentina, he explained that he would not be giving private audiences to politicians from his homeland in 2015 because he did not wish to interfere in the upcoming presidential elections there’. From the Vatican Dispatch by Gerard O'Connell | Dec 7 2014  headed ‘Pope Francis speaks at ceremony in observance of U.N. Day for the Abolition of Slavery’.
We in Sri Lanka are very anxiously awaiting a long sought for and decisive change in our political climate.

Though we were very much overjoyed at the announced visit of yours, now we are afraid, your visit now will contribute very much to change the direction of the forthcoming election as your visit is being used to boost the incumbent anti-social candidate and the Cardinal head of the Colombo Church is widely known to be very close to him.

We, Tamils, though not interested in its outcome, since the solution to our ethnic problem is evaded by both chief candidates, are sorry that if you visit our country now, very many of us will be deprived of the golden opportunity of seeing you in person,  participating in the Canonization Liturgy in Colombo, listening to your message for us and getting your blessing, since it will be very close to the end of that election. No such election in the past was without widespread violence and killings at its end, and not surprisingly, the Tamils were the worst victims. From our experience, we are sure that, in spite of the holy promises doled out by the President, the end will definitely be far worse this time, since it has become the culture cultivated and implanted by him and his brother. No promises made by him, even to the Secretary General of the UN, have been honoured.
On the other hand, it was very painful to hear that a top Church Prelate, at a visit of some Tamil priests, who had reminded him about this eventuality and handicap, they had been told that the Tamils could go to Madhu. Are we to infer that we are deliberately precluded from attending your Ceremonies in Colombo and compelled to be satisfied with the prayer service in Madhu? Even to go to Madhu, those Tamils from all the areas other than the North will have to pass through Sinhala areas. We do not wish to see even one killed or mutilated in one’s attempt to participate in your visit.
In the face of the two eventualities mentioned above, We earnestly appeal to you to postpone your Pastoral Visitation for a suitable later date.

Craving for your Blessings,
We remain, Your children in Christ,


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