19 February 2019
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Indian team at work in Borella to change result!


itA team of IT experts from India is engaged in the task of looking at the possibility of changing the result of the presidential election. They are stationed at Head End at Lesley Ranagala Mawatha in Borella.


They are involved in it with a front that they are upgrading Sri Lanka Telecom’s Peo TV. But, Peo TV technicians say the Indian team has nothing to do with any upgrading work.

At Head End, what they actually do is relaying computer data to other locations. This place is strategically located to change computer data. Also, the entire election result communication process is coordinated by SLT, which gives dedicated lines and virtual pin numbers to the election secretariat and other institutions.

The district returning officers are sending the results by fax to the elections commissioner. The Indian IT experts are looking into whether they can change the results while being on transit to the elections commissioner.


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