22 April 2019
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‘Toilet beauty’ places Wimal in difficulties!

cnews-photoA beauty working in the lankacnews website, notoriously known as ‘Wimal Weerawansa’s toilet’, has intentionally placed Wimal Weerawansa in difficulties, say sources at the website.

A female worker at this website (we won’t use writer or journalist, which they are not), under the pseudonym ‘Shyamal Weeratunga’ had published a mean and malicious article on December 17 connecting acclaimed artiste Parakrama Niriella, acclaimed writer Anoma Rajakaruna and popular actress Samanali Fonseka. Instead of using the names of her own and that of Wimal Weerawansa both of whom had gone on a trip to Bangkok and were caught by Weerawansa’s wife, the woman had replaced the names with Parakrama, Anoma and Samanali.

When ‘Purawesi Balaya’ threatened, through alternative media, to file legal action personally against Wimal Weerawansa’s toilet of a website and the person ‘Shyamal Weeratunga’, for having published such a false and malicious article, the toilet group got alarmed and removed the article in question. Copies of the article were obtained before its removal, and groups of lawyers are taking proper action.

Getting to know about this, members of this toilet of a website are gunning for each other and revealed to several media institutions the identity of the woman who had written the article. That has made the lawyers’ task much easier.

Although Weerawansa publicly says senior journalist Dharma Sri Kariyawasam is the editor of this toilet of a website, he has no connection whatsoever to this website, say sources close to him. It is well known that using his name, a group of Wimal’s henchmen and female workers of his harem are running this website.

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