22 April 2019
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Thonda’s man tricks Gota


gotabaya rajaThe first member recruited to National Progressive Congress, recently formed by minister Arumugam Thondaman, is Karupiah Ganeshamurthi, a number of fraudster.


When the NPC hosted dinner for Gotabhaya Rajapaksa at Colombo Hilton, Ganeshamurdhi had collected around Rs. 03 million from the Tamil businessmen present, purportedly to buy a memento for the defence secretary. But, he had given Gotabhaya a memento that is worth less than Rs. 100,000, which has left the businessmen very angry.

Ganeshamurthi has tricked the defence secretary in order to get him to cover up the ongoing CID investigation against him.

The investigation pertains to Ganeshamurdhi’s having defrauded Rs. 110 million from a British-based Muslim businessman in Dubai Ahmed Khan.

An inquiry by Modera police last November into the fraud has found that Khan, the complainant, had deposited the money at a joint account being maintained to Ganeshamurthi’s name at the Nation’s Trust Bank Panchikawatte branch. Ganeshamurdhi was aided in defrauding the money by an employee of the bank branch by the name Thilini, who is a closest companion of his.

In order to escape from the charge, Ganeshamurthi has told Modera police that he was a close friend of the president and a close relative of minister Thondaman. Rohini Devi, a confidential secretary of the minister who was also involved in the fraud, has fled to Canada on tourist visa and has sought political asylum there.

Since the mention of the Ceylon Workers Congress links the party to estate labourers, Thondaman has formed the new party, NPC, in order to attract professionals, businessmen etc, and a membership costs Rs. 10,000 per person. The first member is this fraudster Karupiah Ganeshamurthi, say CWC sources.


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