22 April 2019
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‘You come here at night after showing your might outside?’

sriranga badurdeenThe above utterance was overheard a few days ago by Temple Trees staff from the mouth of minister Risath Badurdeen. The person thus attacked, first verbally and then physically, is Citizens’ Front leader, Nuwara Eliya district MP Sri Ranga Jeyaratnam.

The incident occurred after midnight. A Temple Trees staffer told Badurdeen, who was there at the time, “Mr. minister. MP Sri Ranga has brought a UNP Pradeshiya Sabha member from Puttalam to meet the president. People from Nuwara Eliya do what you should have been doing.” Standing up in a flash, he has gone to where Sri Ranga was seated. That was a moment he has been eagerly awaiting for a long time.

Badurdeen told Sri Ranga, “What are you doing here? When we come to Minnal programme, you belittle us. You are a hero, but we are villains for the viewers. That hero is coming to Temple Trees in the dead of night bringing along useless Thambis in order to deceive the president. We should be doing the work of the Thambis, not you.” Uttering thus, he gave a mighty slap to Sri Ranga, who fell down. While Sri Ranga pleaded him to stop, Badurdeen continued to kick him. Coming to Sri Ranga’s rescue, Temple Trees guards took Badurdeen away. Thus ashamed in front of all, Sri Ranga left Temple Trees in a hurry, leaving behind the Muslim PS member he had brought with him.

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