19 February 2019
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No uniforms for police in one year, Rs. 20 million for name boards

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has ordered the Police Department to put up new name boards for the main police stations as part of the city beautification programmes.

An owner of a company in Nugegoda, who is closely associated with the Defence Secretary, has already handed an estimate to the Police Department stating each name board would cost Rs. 44,500. Therefore, name boards for 450 main police stations in the country would cost the Police Department over Rs. 20 million. The Defence Secretary has informed the IGP that the Police Department has to bear the costs.

The Police Department has been unable to provide police personnel with shoes, socks, vests, shoe polish and other accessories for the uniform for a period of one year although they are to be provided once in six months to every police personnel. The supplies division of the police had not provided these materials to the policemen and an official from the supplies division said they had not yet received allocations to provde the facilities.

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