22 April 2019
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How did Namal come to own CSN?

namal rajapaksha 1Former MP Nalin Bandara questioned how MP Namal Rajapaksa come to own the CSN Television Channel and Govers Cooperate Pvt Ltd., being an ordinary Parliamentarian. How is it possible for an ordinary MP to own these companies considering his financial earnings asked Bandara at Helidharawwa at Sirikotha yesterday.


MP Namal Rajapaksa is the owner of the CSN channel and the Govers Cooperate Pvt Ltd. It is a registered company. It was in 2012 that he purchased another company named Hello Cope company for Rs 120 million.

"There is no way that an ordinary Parliamentarian could afford such a huge amount of money to buy companies of his own", said MP Bandara.

Having queried as to how MP Namal Rajapaksa came by such large amounts of money,he invited him for a live debate on this topic.

"h the Rajapaksas should be held responsible,the Rajapaksas lived in the lap of luxury," he added.

MP Bandara explained that Rajapaka launched a communication satellite in Sri Lanka investing a huge amount money. The satellite that was owned by the country is no more. Therefore who is the real owner of it? The details about the satellite should be disclosed.

"All the above facts are being investigated by the FCID after receiving an order from the court," he added.

Courtesy: http://dailynews.lk/

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