22 April 2019
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Environmentalist complaints to the HRC against the four Wheel Rally

four wheelhr1Today the environmentalist went to the Human Rights Commission to complain against the massive environment crisis made by the Four Wheel sports Club of the commando regiment of the Sri Lanka Army. Environment, natural science and few other environment organizations lodged a complaint to the Human Rights Commission about the crisis.
Environmentalist of the Nature Education Centre Ravindra Kariyawasam said.
The Army commando regiment has started this four wheel motor rally amid the protest of the entire environmentalist. The road way has been constructed through many natural parks in the North, East and Uwa provinces. Coastal strips, lagoons and protected sanctuaries has been cleared in these areas travelling a distance of 775 KM. Damaging the environment under the pretext of sports tourism has now become a new tradition in Sri Lanka. It is a shame for the army commando regiment to organize this for the second time disregarding the environmental effect. We as environmentalist has submitted a complaint regarding this in the Human Rights Commission and we are watchful of the actions taken by the Human Rights Commission.
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