26 March 2019
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Nation called upon to face a serious decision regarding our own future - CNLC

voteMessage to our fellow Citizens of Sri Lanka from the Catholic National Laity Commission

We the people of this Nation are called upon to face a serious decision regarding our own future and the future of our Country. After many years of grieving under oppression and corruption, in January this year a majority of the people of the country woke up to the realization of the power of their franchise. The ordinary voter used the democratic power of the vote to express their rejections of rulers not responsible to the public and not accountable with regard to the responsibilities entrusted to them.


The slogan of Good Governance attracted the imagination and aspirations of people. It was not necessary to have legal investigations to prove that powers of the State have been abused. There was a gut feeling of being fed up and saying “enough is enough”. With that spirit of needing to continue that first step for change taken in January 2015, the civil society got together to state to the leaders of political parties the minimum norms and criteria expected in selecting and presenting to the voters nominees chosen to be the future leaders in the important organ the National Parliament. All Leaders of Parties agreed to this proposal which was known as March 12th declaration of civil society.

But Nomination day saw most parties dealing a resounding slap on the cheek of the people by bringing forward a mix bag of crooks and thugs and presenting them as Candidates to the voters. Are the political parties so short of responsible, honest, educated and sincere candidates from among their followers and members? Why had the party leaders insulted the genuine expectation and aspiration of the intelligent people of this country? Do they feel that the people can be hoodwinked all the time? Now that the responsibility has been thrown back to our hands we would like to call upon all right minded patriotic citizens of this country to show the various political parties that we cannot be treated with such disrespect. Once more we have to realize the democratic power of the people to elect genuine leaders who value the good of the country and the people more than their own benefit. We love our country and it is our responsibility on Election Day to make clear what type of leadership we expect for carrying forward the hopes of good governance and a decent future for all people of this Land.   We call upon all people to be courageous and exercise the Vote with Wisdom.

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