26 March 2019
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Conflict between Rajapaksa brothers over the UPFA manifesto

basil gotaBasil Rajapaksa who was the main orchestrator in charge of the back office operations of forming the UPFA nomination list is reported to be stepped out from the UPFA election campaigns. The reason of stepping out from election campaign is believed to be an opinion difference between the Rajapaksa brothers about the UPFA manifesto.
The UPFA election manifesto
was mainly created by two groups of Basil’s and Gota’s. Jagath Wellawatta, Dhamma Dissanayake, Vijitha Nanayakkara, Nimal Bandara and Sanjeewa Edirimanna represented Basil’s group and Dayan Jayathilake, Nalaka Godahewa and Charitha Herath was in the Gota’s group.
Both these groups have created a draft proposal and it was decided to release the proposal made by the Basil group. However UPFA Kurunegala district contestant Mahinda Rajapaksa has rebuked Basil’s proposal and ordered to burn the proposal and chosen Gota’s proposal to be released.
Gota’s draft proposal was presented to President Maithripala and together with President’s policies a final UPFA manifesto was released under the caption “Assurance for the future. Asoka Abeygunawardana, Malith Jayathilake and Shiral Lakthilake have drafted the policies on behalf of President Maithripala.
Basil castigated and accused Gotabaya Rajapaksa having a secret deal with president Maithripala. He said the reason to include President Maithripala’s policy statement to the manifesto is due to that. Basil alleges Gotabaya for the story behind a “Respectable farewell for Rajapaksa” which made widespread news in the media.
Due to the policy manifesto conflict Basil has completely withdrawn from election mechanism and campaign. This is a severe split for the UPFA and both the Basil and Gotabaya group is castigating each other. Due to this the Kurunegala district contestant Mahinda Rajapaksa’s premiership has been further hindered. He accuses both Basil and Gota for the January 8th defeat and he will face another unprecedented defeat in the coming election.
As Basil alleges there is a secret deal found between Gotabaya and president and it would be exposed following the election. Meantime the President has shown his displeasure over the cleanliness of the Colombo city and said that he would take stern actions following the election. However following the election the beautifying of Colombo would be continued as before January 8th.

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