26 March 2019
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National Government is already formed

sudhari 1-waterThe following pictures prove the national government of Maithri and Ranil desired has already been formed.

A strong member of the Nil Balakaya Uditha Lokubandara and the defeated UNP southern provincial council contestant Nadheesha Hemamali has jointly created the foundation for a national government. Few days back Uditha Lokubandara in order to show his loyalty to Mahinda inside

a temple tried to cover the footwear of Mahinda Rajapaksa from Mahinda’s sarong made an embarrassing situation and a chaos. Later following the exposure of the whole sale drug dealer Mohamed Mujahid, Nadheesha Hemamali’s facebook friends said that Nadheesha’s photograph
with the whole sale drug dealer Mohamed Mujahid appeared and suddenly disappeared from her facebook profile.

Tele drama actress Aksha Sudhari whose bank account was the recently suspended by the courts told the police to check Nadheesha’s bank account in the same way. At present becoming a teledrama actress and a parliament MP has become the two sides of a coin. Meantime tele drama
actresses performance has exceeded the performance of parliament MP’s and ministers.

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