26 March 2019
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Mako once again plan to barge inside Rupavahini

mahinda deshapriyaReports reaching us confirm that Election commissioner once again plans to visit the national Rupavahini before the General election similar to the visit he made during the presidential election last January and told the Rupavahini staff “if you are prepared to dance without clothes, I cannot allow you to remove my clothes”


Mako (election Commissioner) barged inside the national Rupavahini on the election day to correct the false news broadcasted by the institution claiming that UNP deputy leader Sajith Premadasa has given his support to then president Mahinda Rajapaksa.

This time Mako has is planning to barge inside Rupavahini not physically but following a letter sent to the presidential secretariat and Prime Minister Office. The report confirms the letter has also been sent to the secretary of the ministry of media. The reason for such a snap is to prevent the biased activities of a rigid pro UNP partisan and news editor Shirly Anil who is campaigning inside Rupavahini for the UNP in full scale.

There were many complaints lodged to the election commissioner about this and if no steps taken before Monday to balance the news there are reports reaching that the national Rupavahini would be taken under an independent authority.

Not like the Rajapaksa regime following the legislating of the 19th amendment the election commissioner has got special powers to take stern steps about media.

Election Commission asserts that they have received reports that Lake House publications such as Daily News and Dinamina too is campaigning biased.

However a Human Rights activist said Lanka News Web that the election commission does not have a proper mechanism and a criterion to monitor the behavior of the media.

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