22 April 2019
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A good future for the national Rupavahini

somarathna dissanayakaThe workers of the National Rupavahini assert that their institution would have a better future from the 3rd of next month. The national Rupavahini became the
most corrupt institution during the former president’s era and until now there are no significant changes. There was news spread that the current chairman Somarathna Disanayake would resign from the 3rd of next month. Following the resignation of the present chairman there would be good future for our institution said the workers.
There was a news spread in the morning today 30th that Somarathna Dissanayake would resign from the chairman post. However many workers did not believe the news because nobody bothers much what he say.
Today the chairman convened a media briefing and officially announced his resignation on the 3rd. Therefore he is ready to resign from the chairman post from the 3rd of next month.
During the MaRa regime this Somarathna Disanayake openly stooped on behalf of the former president and earned many large benefits. Not only him his wife too promoted the MaRa regime and received many benefits by showing his films and children programs. He gave free publicity for his movies by the state media and broadcast many programs. Apart that there were special recommendations imposed through the education ministry to see his movies.
Somarathna Disanayake who openly stooped to the Mara during the latter stage of the presidential election sensing the defeat of MaRa announced his support for Maithripala Sirisena. Somarathna Disanayake who is a sly character was again appointed for the chairman post of the national Rupavahini.

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