22 March 2019
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President salvage the armed forces from politicization

army m3Dsspite there were very efficient and obedient senior officers in the Sri Lankan armed forces many undue promotions were given to the lackey’s of Mahinda and Gotabaya Rajapaksa during the earlier regime. Inefficient officers who were charged for crimes and corruptions were given gratuitous promotions and influenced to do unlawful and corrupt activities.


Somathilake Dissanayake – The brother of Somarathna Dissanayake an artist who openly stooped for Mahinda Rajapaksa. He was appointed the navy Commander for descending for Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Jayanath Kolambage – A stoop of Gota who gave all unlawful facilities to Yoshitha Rajapaksa and got promoted to the Navy Commander.

Jayantha Perera – A relative of Mahinda’s wife and a friend of Diskson Dela Bandara. Completing 55 years of service his retirement was extended twice and finally promoted to the post of Navy Commander. His brother Lal Perera was alleged for many corruption but due to nepotism he was not convicted.

Jagath Jayasooriya – One brother is a school mate of Gotabaya Rajapaksa. The other brother is a neighbor of Gotabaya’s brother Dudley Rajapaksa in the US. Despite there were many seniors and allegation against homosexual the latter was promoted for the post of Army Commander removing Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka.

Daya Rathnayake – A humble labour of Gota who provided everything from the army. Added marks by wreaking Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka and his subordinates. Daya Rathnayake was promoted for the post of Army Commander despite Krishantha Silva was a senior but refused to stoop to Gota.

Prasad Samarasinghe – One of the chief who stooped to Gota to his maximum. He has not given any commands for a security force. He doesn’t have any eligibility from any National Defense School. He stood crooked in front of Namal and received the army chief if defense staff post.

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The following are the changes done under the Good Governance.

Krishantha Silva – Following the removal of Daya Rathnayaka he was the most senior and suitable officer. After holding the security force commander, volunteer force commander and chief of staff post he was made the Army Commander.

Sirimewan Ranasinghe – He was one of the seniors in the navy. He contributed a lot to the army operations and able to win the hearts of all subordinates, he was made the chief of staff post.

Jagath Dias – Following the retirement of Prasad Samarasinghe although there was a inefficient Tarzan politically connected from Kurunegala who was charged for many corruptions despite a complaint from his wife who tried his best for the above post, Jagath Dias who was a warrior in the battle field for a continuous 30 years who committed an immense job during the last phase of the war was appointed the army chief of staff post.

Prasanna Silva – A warrior who fought again in spite of getting severely wounded in the battle field. He took major responsibility as a special commander for the liberation of the east. During the final battle in the Mullaitivu he was in charge of the hazard zone and able to rescue the lives of many soldiers. He was given the army coordination post in the defense ministry.

Maithri made all these appointments independently and impartially without considering any personal friendship and influence. There is an opportunity raised for these officers to exercise their duties independently without the interference of the president, prime minister and the defense minister.

Since there is a code of conduct already declared for the members of the armed force as how they should conduct during this election they would prove their duties independently and impartially. The public too would expect the members of the armed force not to be henchmen’s to politicians but to disperse their official duties in a righteous way. If we wish to see a progress of these appointments of these new positions during the last five months the Good Governance has to extend the service of these officers who reach 55 years and allow these officers to perform their duties for at least two years in the current posts. Meantime if any party comes to power in the coming election president Maithri should bear the responsibility to provide an opportunity for these officers to perform their duties independently without hindrance.

There are reports reaching that few army officers are trying to get the Army Commander post by supporting the present and the former government in the coming election. A chief from the defense university, a fraudulent who tried for the chief of staff post, an officer who was expelled due to indiscipline and few officers who were promoted due to political influence while there were many seniors on line, were among them. The fact is that none of these officers were stepped in to the battle field for the last five years. These officers who are unable handle practical situation but working on theories were unable to win the trust of the entire soldiers. Confirmed sources say if anyone of those were appointed to higher positions there would be a recession in the army. We cannot expect any such unsuitable appointments during president Maithri therefore there is no point these corrupt officers following behind posts.

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