22 April 2019
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War secrets out with Wimal’s claim!

weerawansa 26Various quarters in the Army are in a tight spot following the claim made recently by NFF leader, Colombo district UPFA candidate Wimal Weerawansa with regard to the white van seized by Mirihana police, say Army sources.


Former defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and ex-Army commander Daya Ratnayake had both personally asked Weerawansa not to make that particular exposure, but he had not listened to him and exposed it with the motive of collecting a few more votes at the election. Top military officials say his revelation of intelligence information, which he had received officially as a minister when Gotabhaya was the defence secrerary, was a betrayal of the Army.

The Army has taken over around 700 vehicles used by the LTTE in Kilinochchi during the war. All those vehicles had fake number plates, and the Army has been using the vehicles without changing them. For example, the white van seized by Mirihana police bears the no. WP JH 9244, which the department of motor traffic had issued to a double cab owned by Engineering Construction Pvt. Ltd. on 14 August 2014. But, the LTTE had been using that same number previously. Accordingly, all the 700 vehicles now under the custody of the Army have fake number plates.

Weerawansa’s exposure, knowing all these well, amounts to treason, the military believes. As a minister of the previous regime, he is in the possession of sensitive information with regard to the Army, and he is to reveal all those for his political gains. Gotabhaya has now become dejected and helpless, after supplying the information to Weerawansa.

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