26 March 2019
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Why you should support Independents? - Jayadeva de Silva

jayadewaMany are of the view that we need more independent candidates in elections, especially for parliament. Those who are disillusioned with party politics think that we could find judicious wise independents who could do the job just as we want.

 Right of “independent” people offering their services to the electors should be protected. Freedom to stand and to put a different point of view is vital to life in a democracy. So is choice between serious candidates who can win. There is nothing stopping an independent candidate becoming a serious rival for power, if their message is popular and the other competing parties are unimpressive.  


 An independent can be genuinely independent of all political parties. That means that they will not take a party whip once elected to a given body. They can make up their own minds, unguided by party guidelines. They can resist dictatorial trends of so called big parties. This is definitely a healthy state of affairs from the perspective of general public. So Vote Colombo district Independent Team contesting under the symbol electric torch”

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