22 March 2019
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Anura Yapa and Susil Prem Jayanth are the two main culprits after Mahinda – Chandrika

chandrika 07 09 2015“Anura Yapa and Susil Prem Jayanth who loves Mahinda Rajapaksa so much is none other than anything but to hide their corruption. These two pro Rajapaksa henchmen’s were not involved in any corruption during my tenure. Mahinda deliberately gave them the petroleum ministry and made them to rob and blackmail the two with the evidence in hand. Mahinda gave the two secretary post to Anura Yapa and to
Susil Premjayanth is to make them dance according to this tune. All people who stay around Rajapaksa is not because they like him but in fear of exposing their corruption file. Mahinda Rajapaksa governed the country in such a way” said the former president Candrika Bandarayake Kumarathunga. She told this when she brief about the current political situation about Sri Lanka when she met few of her close associates who came to meet her in London.
“In a day or two I will get back to Sri Lanka and tell my political stance. Whoever says anything I will support the group who came out rejecting Rajapaksa last November. Sometimes I have to get in to the UNP platform. I am getting on to the UNP platform not to betray the party but to save the people who came and joined us. Similar to Maithri I also like to form a national government” stressed Chandrika Kumarathunga to her close associates.
Chandrika who departed yesterday 24th from London from Emirated airline is scheduled to arrive today 25th in Sri Lanka. As promised she will give a special announcement in the coming few days.

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