22 April 2019
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May God Natha help agriculture ministry!

priyantha senanayakeA woman by the name Priyantha Senanayake, who claims herself to be the ‘local agent’ for God Natha and had earned millions of rupees by supplying traditional rice at the rate of Rs. 700 per kilo to the education services ministry with the blessings of Mahinda Rajapaksa after doing black magic for him, has now gained entry to the agriculture ministry and is interfering in its affairs, say ministry officials.


The Lanka Teacher Services Union has issued a statement regarding this woman.

She has even begun issuing orders to ministry officials, saying that she had done many things for incumbent minister Duminda Dissanayake and that he had even worshipped her. In this, she is being assisted by a person notorious as a very corrupt public servant, who is attempting to get appointed to the agriculture ministry as an additional secretary. He is intimidating ministry officials who have served there for 10 to 20 years and telling them to follow her orders, while lying that Rupavahini chairman Somaratne Dissanayake is a close relative of his and that he has the blessings of the president.

This man hopes to contest at the upcoming general election from Kurunegala district, and he is supporting the woman as she has promised him that she would help him to make it a reality, say ministry sources.

When Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena was the agriculture minister too, she had tried to strike deals there by visiting the ministry, but he had told his officials that she suffers from a serious mental ailment, and instructed them not to allow her entry to the ministry or to meet him.

Priyantha Senanayake deceives her followers by claiming that she knows top people in society and that they come to her to get various things done. She has a big desire to get persons older than her and who are prominent in society, to worship her. She tells her followers that she will be the queen of the Maithri Bodhisatwa. Also, she says most things that happen in the country take place with her knowledge and with the mediation of gods. Commenting on her behaviour, psychiatrists say Priyantha Senanayake and Prof. Nalin de Silva both suffer from the same mental ailment.

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