22 March 2019
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Only Law Can Prevent Certain Election Law Violations – Mahinda Deshapriya

mahinda deshapriyaAs the tension grows between the opposition common candidate and President Mahinda Rajapaksa, many have observed grave violations of the elections laws ahead of the election and they direct allegations at the government for misusing state property for the election campaign. Read more...

Nature of nowadays politics is disgusting- CBK

chandirkaFormer president, Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumarathunga, says that the current political culture helps foster “family based politics” and that it is being done for financial gains. Read more...

The Poor Man Paying For Their Sins – Champika Ranawaka

champika ranawaka 1JHU leader Patali Champika Ranawaka in an exclusive interview with The Sunday Leader said that the government is the main supporter of the LTTE and the government huge development schemes are white elephants since they do not give expected revenues to the government but sources of corruptions. Read more...

We Have Yet Not Decided – Mawei Senathirajah

mavai senadirajahThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP and ITAK leader Mawei Senathirajah claims that the Tamil people in the North will only support a presidential candidate who will be genuinely committed to resolving the issues of the Tamils. Read more...

"Mahinda even had murder charges" - Sarath N Silva

sarath silvaWhen the President sought the opinion of the Supreme Court regarding his candidature in the Presidential election for a third time, the decision was given in favor of him. So what is going to be the fate of your legal argument now? Read more...

Certain government officials have assumed arbitrary powers – Tissa

thissaGoverning party ally, the Lanka Sama Samaja Party (LSSP) says, it is continuing with the struggle to get the constitution changed. General Secretary of the LLSP, Senior Minister Prof Tissa Vitharana told Lanka Herald in an interview that there are only five Left ministers in the government and therefore it gave them only a minimal power in the government. Read more...

We Completely Reject 18th Amendment – Eran Wickramaratne



The UNP speculates that the President seeking Supreme Court validation to contest for the third term is an attempt to legitimize his action to contest the next presidential election.


We Will Not Form Any Alliance For Power – Tilvyn Silva

tilvinWith the Presidential Elections expected to be held in January next year, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) charges that it is not the right time to hold an election since the next Presidential Election is scheduled to be held only in 2017. Read more...

Myanmar, Lanka will protect Buddhism in its PRISTINE GLORY - Ven Ashin Wirathu Thera


virathuMyanmar and Sri Lanka are ancient and prominent Theravada Buddhists countries. The Buddha preached 'Eva Balawa', anybody can come and ascertain for themselves, what Buddhism is.


No Acceptable Need For Large Sums On Defence – Ravi Karunanayake

ravi karunanayakeWhile the people are happy at the government’s decision to reduce the prices of fuel and electricity, the Opposition has been critical of the government’s move and stated that the government is only reducing the prices of goods because of the upcoming elections and after the elections people will be taxed further. Read more...

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