17 December 2018
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Pro Mahinda faction is a group where the most number of hooligans are – Somawansa Amarasinghe

siriayyaBelow is the discussion Lanka News Web had with the former JVP leader Somawansa Amarasinghe. 
How is the progress of the new party you plan to open?
The work of the new party is gaining momentum. The first convention would be successively held on the 27th of this month at the new town hall. We would anticipate establishing the party with legitimacy.
What do you mean by legitimacy? 
I anticipate the party executive committee would vote andthe party name, party flag, party constitution and the party leaders. We exercise democracy hundred percent that is called legitimacy.
In the coming General Election will your new party support the pro Rajapaksa group?
No, Pro Mahinda faction is a group where the most number of hooligans are
That means your party will contest independently in the coming election?
Is there only Mahinda Rajapaksa where I can join? Not at all, there are progressive fronts in the country who wish to create democracy. We will work with them. I am involved now in creating that alliance. One side I will develop my party and on the other hand I will create the alliance.
Few years back a group which broke from the JVP created another party. Now you have forgotten yourself as the former party leader and trying to create another party. If that is the case don’t you think it is the people of this country who get destitute?
This is not another party. This is the true People’s Liberation Front. JVP appeared for two main objectives from its inception. One is to uphold democracy and the other one is stand for people’s equity. After 1962 on January 8th there was a great threat inflicted to democracy. JVP did not utter a single word about it. I struggled for three months that this should be taken to the people and defeat the conspiracy. That is the reason why the country is in anarchy now. If this is being exposed Mahinda Rajapaksa and Ranil Wicramasinghe would shut their mouth. If so this country would have headed in another direction. JVP could not do that.
JVP has dropped the slogans it promoted. This is a tactical error. Our one channel is democracy and the other channel is citizens equal rights to justice. Our work is to uphold these two. Now the JVP is out of its track. These are political dramas.
According to you what were the dramas of JVP in the recent past?
Before that I would like to add a point for the earlier question. I resigned from the party. When you earlier said about the broken group, they made houses and stole money by factionalism, they stole vehicles, they stole everything what JVP made. They were thieves, there was no politics involved there. I stepped out without even taking the car I used. I did not transfix anybody within the JVP. Now some people are saying that nobody went out from the party. We can see that during the convention. If I committed factionalism the JVP would wash away. I stress the JVP leadership committee to honestly get legitimized.  If not nobody cannot consider them as party leaders. It would be decided by the party members in the future. 
I would tell few buffooneries of the current JVP
One is to deny that there was no conspiracy on January 8th. Even when you ask from a 6th grade child he or she would say the election was held on the 8th. The counting was stopped and the results releasing got halted. That was the first error of the country. We have never come across such a situation earlier. It was a conspiracy starting from there. Now the JVP has joined with the UNP and stressing the same slogan. I saw in the heading of the Lanka newspaper on June 7th “Ranil defeated from the no confidence motion, Maithri is on the fence” What defines from this? Who is not disturbed by this? According to this Mahinda Rajapaksa is definitely not disturbed.
Now there was a protest few days back. It’s good to protest against something which the government is not doing. But when we protest Mahinda Rajapaksa gets the credit. Why because there was at least no one slogan raised against Mahinda Rajapaksa. Do you know the other side of this protest? I continuously told the JVP is aligning with the UNP. Anura Kumara and others protested to deny that. That is a failed protest.
When the JVP drops its democratic policies nobody cannot stay with them. You can see what will happen in the coming few days. What I am saying is these are few political buffooneries. The confusion is JVP is a sacred party. Our comrades attribute that quality to the leader as well. Now it is not happening like that. Those people are not adorable now. JVP became sacred due to the committed sacrifice of all. Now that adorability has attributed disgracefully among only four member clique. That cannot be done in such a way. That is where the confusion is. I will clear this mess. I will divide the party’s sacrosanct quality from this disgraceful group. I have the right to disclose what is inside JVP. 
There is a pundit in the party called Lalkantha. Sometimes he speaks in utter foolish way. He is telling that the two wansa has gourmandized the party. This mugger doesn’t have the backbone to tell the names. I will tell the names that is Weerawansa and Somawansa. He cannot able to remember many names. Although it can be told to Weerawansa, it cannot be told to Somawansa. If it can be told the members in the party would spit them to their face. 
If they can tell such despicable things I also can disclose these things to the country. Lalkantha is now telling that I will not go to the central executive committee. Such an obnoxious party it has become. When comrade Rohana was killed many people said that it would be difficult to save the party. I stepped into the Indian Ocean only with my shirt and sarong to save the party. During that era Lalkantha was selling yoghurt. Now he is gourmandizing the fruits in the forbidden tree. Lalkatha don’t have the right to self criticize. 
As you said is the acknowledgment is taking place under the leadership of Anura Kumara?
A party leader has to bear a greater responsibility. Sharing the victory with everybody and bearing the defeat and discrepancy is the quality of a leader. The JVP sometimes back criticized the casino kings but now have stopped talking. I doubt whether they have taken a lump sum from these casino kings. 
There is no talk about any conspiracy now because they have taken a lump sum from the same conspirators. They took another lump sum from Wijedasa Rajapaksa. If a problem is raised against Wijedasa Rajapaksa Anura Kumara disclose that. That is a 2.5 million lump sum.
Then Anura Kumara said that they will take money from anybody. That implies these people would take money from people who has black money as well. That is the reason now they don’t talk about Guards and Casinos. Now the JVP instead of acquiring people now acquire lump sums. Honestly Anura Kumara has to cut his own stomach.
That means during your leadership the party did not commit any wrong?
We took exemplary from comrade Rohana Wijeweera. We never did such wrongs, Not at all.
Sometimes before MP Vijitha Herath said that the JVP would acquire the highest majority in the coming General Election. As a former leader do you think this is possible?
JVP is a party which failed all given opportunities.
Final question, how many members would join from the JVP to your new party?
You can see that during the convention. I am inviting everybody to join the conference.
Spoken by Basuru Jayawardana
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Translated by Ali asghar

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