22 March 2019
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I sometimes think Professor G.L. Pieris’s conduct in the parliament is disgusting - Ranjan Ramanayake

ranjan ramanayakeLanka News Web which always in search of imperceptions behind the perceptive view selected the deputy minister Ranjan Ramanayake for the current critique. Below is the interview we conducted with the latter.


So Ranjan how is your politics these days?
In fact following the establishment of the new government I have a tight schedule. I am the deputy minister of Public Welfare and Livestock. I have many meetings to attend, amid the busy schedule I have taken the organizing work for the Divulapitiya seat

If it is so, have you taken a decisive step forward in this 100 days program?
I think since I am not involved in anything else I can deploy my full time in politics. Due to this reason now many politicians do politics on a part time basis. Therefore I spend my full time and remain with the people. My office mainly gets the workers problem in the Middle East. I help them and involve in their problems. Besides that I have my own ministry work as well. I am actively involved in trapping the thieves of the former regime.

Amid this busy schedule how did you able to know about Osho Rajneesh?
I read books more than others. Following my daily routine I get ample time to read books. During that extra time only I got to know Osho Rajneesh. So then I became his follower.

I have often felt that Osho’s is philosophically incomplete. What do you think about that?
We can define each other philosophy on a personal prognosis! There were people who criticized Jesus Chris as well as Lord Buddah. Therefore I think there is nothing in the world which is complete. We are always in search of come hidden secret in this universe. We should never be blind and we should learn everything by experience. We should never be blind nor hypnotized.

There are 94 members in the current parliament without passing the Ordinary Level examination, there are 142 members without passing the Advanced
Level and there is less than 5% of women representation. What do you think about this composition of the current parliament?

Fortunately I have passed both. However Professor G.L. Pieris who is more qualified than me is sometimes behaving so disgusted in the parliament. He has written six books about Judiciary. At the same time there are MP’s who has not passed at least the Ordinary Level but behave good. Now see barrister Vasudewa Nanayakkara’s behavior and his words spoken in the parliament cannot be heard at least by a kid. Educational Qualifications cannot become a critic for politics. The most important criteria would be whether he is a rogue or not.

What do you think about getting the cabinet consent for the 20th amendment?
Preferential voting system is a system which all murderers and drug dealers can enter the parliament. I think it is good to enforce the electoral and district wise system. Although some people raise their voice in favour they do not like this. However UNP strongly wishes to enforce the 20th amendment. The defeated president legislate the 18th amendment anticipating that he can stay in power until he die.

The 19th amendment was passed but still not completed. What do you think about the 11 independent commissions?
That would be signed by next week. I spoke with Minister Wijedasa Rajapaksa about this. In fact I spoke about this with Prime Minister and the President as well. All their opinion is to establish the independent commission without delay. Our defeated President deactivated all these commissions. He said that he has the files of all those who left but he would never expose those. He further in spite of not taking action against those ministers who has harmed the public that he is in such a position today. He asked for a public apology and told the public to hoot out for him. However it is regrettable that the public has still not able to understand the fact and still support and go behind him.

What is your solution for the national problem?
We are Sri Lankans. There people in Singapore are called Singaporeans. People in India are called Indians. The world is becoming one nation. If a person invents something all people around the world use that product. I categorically say all ethnicities in our country are Sri Lankan’s. A Tamil or a Muslim person’s kidney can be planted to a Singhalese person. If we are all living under one sun and one moon we are people of one nation. That is called the human race. People should not get divided. They should live together in a unitary state. That is my opinion?

Although you say so, recently education minister Akila Viraj gave a statement to the media that in the coming General Election UNP can win from a Majority of Buddhist votes. Therefore I think UNP is also falling to a racist policy of Mahinda’s track. What is your opinion about this?

No, not like that, Mahinda always vociferate that it is the Buddhist Singhalese votes. We never saw the ethnicity of Muralidaran and Ananda Kumaraswamy who brought good will to the country. We never saw the ethnicity of Mohideen Beig who was a Muslim who sang for Vesak. Akila Viraj only gave answer to what Mahinda promote all the time.

Final question! How many rogues were caught for the 100 days?

We took those people in to custody which we could not do before January 8th. Meantime we managed to conduct investigations. We immediately arrested and remand the defeated president’s brother who arrived to the country following an escape. There are billions of frauds against him. He has houses in four states in the US. We would thoroughly investigate these and lawfully convict these people.

Conversation note
Basura Jayawardana
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Translated by Ali asghar

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