20 January 2019
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Presidential powers and the craving to be slaves

slavesIt appears that the President of Sri Lanka likes vivid imagery. Not so long ago, he compared the members of his party to crabs dancing in a boiling pot of water. This prediction came uncannily true this week when some of these members discarded even the stipulated parliamentary dress and slept in running shorts on the floor of the House.


Note on the Sri Lankan draft constitutional proposal on the right to infomation

cldThe note contains the Centre for Law and Democracy's comments on those parts of the bill entitled 'An Act to ammend the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka' - 19th Amendment to the Constitution which are concerned with the right to information (proposed gurantee).


Measuring change in Sri Lanka – our yardstick after 100 days

100Shortly after the election of President Maithripala Sirisena and the appointment of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe we published our‘yardstick for change’ – a series of tests which would allow people to determine what is changing in Sri Lanka, and what is staying the same.


Left needs life - Dr. Vickramabahu Karunarathna

leftIn India a discussion on the decline of the Left, has attracted media space in almost whole of India. While the masses move into very critical positions, throwing the main parties in to turmoil, the Left was unable to give them a way out. One cold say the situation is such that people are looking for instance solutions, and they were reluctant to go into theories of Marxism. There may be an ounce of truth in that suggestion. Read more...

Electoral Reforms: some critical reflections - Pro. Jayadeva Uyangoda

parl insideSri Lanka’s current debate on electoral reforms seems to be heading towards a politically inspired deadlock. Some powerful sections of the SLFP seems to be using the idea of electoral reforms either as a bargaining tool for some short-term political gains, or to checkmate the constitutional reform initiative aimed at changing the executive presidential system. Read more...

RTI; Giving With One Hand and Taking With The Other! - Kishali pinto jayawardena

19Constitution-making exercises in Sri Lanka are generally a coyly deceptive dance of appearing to give much but actually conceding very little. And for too long, we have suffered from a peculiar obsession with keeping rights away from the people.


Good Governance in Sri Lanka - Asoka Bandarage

good governanceThe World Bank Group's Worldwide Governance Indicators are: voice and accountability, political stability and absence of violence, government effectiveness, regulatory quality, rule of law and control of corruption. The defeat of Mahinda Rajapaksa at the Sri Lankan Presidential elections on January 8 is attributed to violations of these indicators, most notably the control of corruption. Read more...

The Glory Foretold

sangakkarThere is absolutely no doubt that with consistent performances, the young, talented and dynamic wicket keeper batsman, Kumar Sangakkara has cemented a permanent place in both Sri Lanka’s test and one day teams.


Four cheers for judicial independence

court sl"He called a premature election to crown himself for the third time and suffered a stunning defeat. No less that the then Chief Justice ruled that 18A required no Referendum as it "enhanced" the people’s franchise. Any layman reading the constitution will see that the operative word in the basic law is "affecting" the people’s franchise. There is no mention of enhancing or diminishing. Now that the incumbent SC has broken from a sorry past which saw the courts consorting with power centers, let us all hope that this sturdy independence will continue into the future." Read more...

Ecstasy and agony as NZ hold nerve to reach ICC Cricket WC final :

cricketa cupThe first semi final between South Africa and New Zealand played at Eden Park in Auckland New Zealand goes down in the annals of World Cup cricket as the second most nail biting encounter since the 1992 world cup semi final match also involving team South Africa.


Indian social reformer and politician honoured with a Google Doodle

web6The issue of the caste system in India - and of so-called 'untouchables' - remains a live one even today, but perhaps things would be more divisive still if it had not been for this man, Dr B R Ambedkar. Read more...

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