20 January 2019
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Charter Flight Removal: UK Asylum Policy and the Deportability of Sri Lankan Tamils - Rachel Seoighe

Asylum Seekers 580 80101aThe United Kingdom’s removal practices with respect to failed asylum seekers demand critical attention. Policies and practices of detention and removal have a significant and often terrible impact on the lives of vulnerable people. It is tempting to read the challenges and excesses of the UK’s clunky and unpredictable asylum system as deliberately opaque, disorientating and punitive, designed to confuse asylum seekers, to undermine their faith in the state’s legal obligations and procedures, and to communicate the state’s deep contempt towards them. Not only are these policies and practices bureaucratically complex, they appear to be marked by blind ferocity in intent and a lack of accountability for outrages committed against the bodies and dignity of failed asylum seekers by those tasked with their pre-deportation containment and movement. The legal rights of the asylum seeker and the corresponding obligations of the state inform state practices; this encounter draws to an ugly close at the deportation stage. Read more...

Justice in Sri Lanka: With just 273 political prisoners in custody, how many have disappeared? - JS Tissainayagam

tamil jaffnaNew questions about wartime and post-war disappearances in Sri Lanka emerged following a bombshell revelation that the Government hs only 273 political detainees in its custody. Families of the disappeared believed the numbers are much higher. This announcement also hardens doubts if a Sri Lankan-led judicial process into mass atrocities, such as disappearances, will bring justice to the victims.


Contrast between ‘Inquiry’ and ‘Investigation’ - S. V. Kirubaharan

mangala 16Robert Jackson, the Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremburg Tribunal in his opening speech said: “The common sense of mankind demands that law shall not stop with the punishment of petty crimes by little people. It must also reach men who possess themselves of great power and make deliberate and concerted use of it to set in motion evils ….” Read more...

Who is blocking implementation of the 19th Amendment? - Kishali pinto jayawardena

parliamentThe Government’s reported proposal this week that the Constitutional Council under the 19th Amendment to the Constitution should proceed to sit in the absence of the three non-political appointees to the body speaks to the farcical if not the frivolous intent underlying recent constitutional reforms. Read more...

Violence, Plunder and Deceit: Sri Lanka's - Dr. Daya Hewapathirane

cemetaryPropensity to violence and criminal activities is not a recent development among Tamils. The history of Tamil involvement in our country is marked by excessive violence, plunder, deceit and ingratitude. This particularly characterizes the history of Tamil invasions and interactions within our country from very early times. We are well aware of the gruesome terrorist activities unleashed and promoted by Tamils in recent years. This makes one think whether violence and extreme forms of behavior are a part of Tamil culture. Read more...

Will the next UN SG be a woman from Eastern Europe? - S. V. Kirubaharan

un logoThe United Nations consist of 195 states, including two observer states. There are independent states which are not members of the UN due to various political reasons. Only member states have the right to vote. So, the Vatican (Holy See) and Palestine, who have observer status, cannot vote.


Deterioration of the Legal Intellect (11): Small Miracles that Can be Achieved Through Justice - Basil Fernando

lawIn this series of short essays I have attempted to demonstrate the terrible situation of institutions of justice- police, prosecutors and the judiciary- through some samples. I have also tried to show how intricately linked are the political and societal crisis plaguing the country and the sad state of justice institutions. Read more...

Sincerely to LSSP stay true to who you are? - Dr. Vickramabahu Karunarathna

LSSPLSSP was one of the few if not the only Party in the world, at that time, to embrace the positions of the Left opposition led by Leon Trotsky, opposed to the mistaken policies of Stalin. In the light of thinking of Trotsky, it is possible to search the situation in the present world. In a struggle for the establishment of democracy in any country in the modern world, it is the organized working class that should take the lead. Read more...

UN; Comprehensive Policy Framework and Formulation of the Resettlement Action Plan

un 12Donor Conference on the Comprehensive Policy Framework and Formulation of the Resettlement Action Plan

Address by Mr. Subinay Nandy The Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Sri Lanka Read more...

Despite Being A Woman: Why Modi was not being sexist

modi in bangladeshHe never really seems to care what the English speaking “enlightened class” thinks of his speeches

Perhaps irked at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s highly successful tour of Bangladesh, marginalized Congress


The Northern ‘Government’ and the rape of democracy

wartharajahDid you think that as a unitary state, there is only one, single government in Sri Lanka, though there are a number of Provincial Councils to which a measure of power has been devolved by that one single government?


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