26 March 2019
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ISIS and ISIL Terrorism – A Scourge on the Muslims and the world

isis 28The world is struck with fear, dread, shock and consternation in witnessing a gory, sanguinary behaviour on a daily basis, by a group of psychopathic murderous debauched maniacs calling themselves, Islamic State in the hope that they could empower themselves by the recruitment of the morally corrupt in the Islamic World.


These Sociopaths are trying to tell the Muslims of the world that they have not practised Islam for the past 1400 years and therefore they have ganged themselves up to do everything in their power to introduce a new order, which is indeed a degenerate devilish cult, to replace the Islam that has been followed and practised for over 1400 years.

Every Muslim who knows his or her religion strongly and vehemently condemn these lunatics who have unleashed violence and atrocities on the innocent men, women and children of the world.

In the true sense of the word these cruel monsters are not Muslims at all. They are terrorists and they have nothing to do with Islam or the Holy Quran – these abominations are nothing but ogres, devils and demons in human form.

Their loathsome and disgusting behaviour is a very clear example of their abhorrent and disgusting attitude – they should be dumped in untraceable dungeons and the keys thrown away.

We appeal to all Muslims and Non-Muslims do not fall prey to the wiles of these devils – Right-minded and rational people can see their reckless and malicious behaviour, marked by eagerness to resort to violence and bloodshed causing discomfort, annoyance and hatred in others.

You can see these deceitful scoundrels are even using cyber space and other social websites like facebook, twitter, etc., to lure and entice the unsuspecting younger generation to inject young blood into their devilish cult.

Whenever you see any message, sms or tweet, trying to trap you and tempt you promising the world and more, delete such communications immediately. Do not even attempt to respond positively or even negatively and in this regard we appeal to the parents to be extremely vigilant.

It is time to use, not only your knowledge and intelligence; but most importantly your wisdom. You will be able to see through these greedy, power hungry wicked villains as to who and what they are.

We also became aware of the fact that there has been incursions and inroads in to the society of Sri Lankan Muslims and a few of them have fallen prey to these shenanigans. The Muslims of Sri Lanka should realize that we have been living in a multi-cultural and multi-religious society for nearly 1200 Years and we have been living amicably, characterized by friendship and good will with all the races and communities in Sri Lanka. A wrong move by any one will certainly jeopardize this peace and tranquility which has been built over the centuries.

We appeal to the all the Muslims to be alert and very vigilant so that these execrations do not invade our society to cause chaos and mayhem in our peaceful Sri Lanka - Specifically those Producers of Muslim and Islamic Religious and Social Programmes in both Radio and Television Media should be very carefully observant and attentive - on the lookout for possible danger by artistes who may try to express themselves by speeches of inflammatory nature.

Therefore, No Programme Should Be Aired “Live”.

They should be properly and carefully examined in the studios and properly vetted before broadcasting or televising.

We trust that our President His Excellency, Maithripala Sirisena issues a directive to this effect without any delay.

We also appeal to the Government of Sri Lanka to take swift action against anyone

who is suspected or shows any inclination to these extreme terrorist organizations. We Sri Lankans Muslims will back you all the way.

M. Zulkifli Nazim

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