20 January 2019
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Manifesto by Shaveen Bandaranayake

shaveenProblem 01:

Unsuitable people being nominated by recognised political parties for elections



An amendment to the Constitution (Article 89 - Disqualification to be an elector, Article 91 - Disqualification for election as a MP) to expand the qualifications and disqualifications of a candidate, to incorporate, among other things, the following:

1. Minimum level of education to be established after an islandwide survey and discussions


2. Introduction of an aptitude test, to be taken, prior to nominations being handed over (under the supervision of the Commissioner of Elections) - this is to examine the intelligence, emotional and moral quotient to function as a Legislator.

3. Relinquishment of your seat from any local, provincial or national level, excluding the portfolios as cabinet ministers (strict adherence to the provisions of the Constitution)

4. The President of the Republic cannot contest for any other election after the completion of his terms

Amendments to the Parliamentary Elections Act:

5. A provision to regularise donations for political campaigns

6. The Commissioner of Elections or his nominee to call upon a Police Report & Grama Niladhari Report of each Candidate, regarding his character and conduct during the preceding 5 years (*a specific and separate workshop for all relevant officials to be held in this regard annually)

Problem 02:

Conduct during campaign


Proposed amendments to the Parliamentary Elections Act

1. Submission of campaign expenditure on the ceasing of promotions 72 hours prior to elections (this includes the submission of details of donations received from 3rd parties)

2. A 24-hour Hotline and dedicated department within the Elections Commission to be established to look into complaints made by citizens during the election period (pertaining to illegal propaganda, disruptions to daily life, distribution of donations/alms etc)

Problem 03:

Representatives becoming corrupt within Parliament


Proposition of a Bill: Recall of MP’s Act

1. A bi-annual review of each member of Parliament, based on a specified criteria which includes behaviour both in and out of Parliament, tasks undertaken (either individually or on behalf of a party) and tasks pending which is assessed and graded by a Permanent Parliamentary Subcommittee (comprised of members of the civil society and/or non-partisan Members of Parliament)

2. The Subcommittee should have the authority to initiate investigations on either on information received by them through the general public or by fellow Parliamentarians or in certain circumstances, on their own

The report to be submitted to the Speaker for him to take necessary action within a period of 14 days

3. An inquiry to be held with an opportunity for the MP in question to give his version, substantiated by evidence

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