20 January 2019
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Wijedasa or Mangala to contest if there’s vacancy for speaker!

maceIf by any chance the president appoints his elder brother Chamal Rajapaksa as prime minister, the vacancy in the position of parliament speaker should be contested by the UNP, by fielding either president’s counsel Wijedasa Rajapakse or former foreign minister Mangala Samaraweera, a group of senior ministers in the government has asked opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe. Read more...

Arms, funding from Gota to revive LTTE!

gota padumanWe are hereby exposing a top secret plan to revive the LTTE organization, presently in a state of inaction both locally and internationally, and its combat capabilities, and use it for the furtherance of the government by misleading the world community. Read more...

No more Foreign Service in Sri Lanka


foreign exclusiveImminent dissolution of the Foreign Ministry and Foreign Service

As revealed by this website on 23 October 2013 Mahinda Rajapaksa has secretly appointed a committee to devise a methodology to dissolve the Foreign Ministry. This secret committee consists of the following officials:


Corruption of tea trader Jaliya Wickramasuriya has been rewarded by Mahinda Rajapaksha


mahinda jaliyaSri Lanka’s Ambassador to the USA, Mr. Jaliya Wickramasuriya, a cousin of President Mahinda Rajapaksha has been more interested in his tea business and other fraudulent activities in the USA than the work of his diplomatic assignment. One cannot also expect good results from an unqualified and unskilled person like Wickramasuriya in his ambassadorial assignment.


Sajin Vaas defaults Rs. 4,000 m to Pan Asia Bank

exclusive 18-11-2013External Affairs Ministry’s supervising MP Sajith Vaas Gunawardena, also the confidential financial adviser to the president, has defaulted Rs. 4,000 million to Pan Asia Bank, say internal sources of the bank. The loan had been obtained for a company owned by Sajin Vaas on the recommendation of Transport Ministry secretary, casino businessman Dhammika Perera. Read more...

Father loses job due to son’s excellent result!


sl law collage exclusivePrincipal of the Sri Lanka Law College Dr. Wedage Dantha Rodrigo resigned today (08).


Plans are underway to dissolve Foreign Ministry and Foreign Service after CHOGM

chogm mahinda exclusiveLanka Newsweb reliably learns that MR government is planning to dissolve the Foreign Ministry and Foreign Service after the CHOGM, Colombo. Read more...

Sham death sentence to Tangalle killers for Prince Charles’ benefit!

charls exclusiveYet another government sham is being planned under which Tangalle Pradeshiya Sabha chairman Sampath Chandrapushpa Vidanapathirana and the other six accused in the killing of British tourist Khurram Shaikh and the raping of his female companion are to be indicted today (17) and the court hearing against them is to conclude before the Colombo CHOGM, with the accused being ‘sentenced to death.’ Read more...

Exceptional results by the son of Law College principal!


law collageOshadhi Rodrigo, the son of Law College principal Dr. Wedage Dantha Rodrigo, has obtained 78 per cent of the marks at the final year examination, said Law College sources.


Advice for shady deal of Krrish Group from Namal’s legal firm


namal rajapakshaIt is N R Associates, owned by MP Mr. Namal Rajapaksa, which has given legal advice and formulated the agreements for the controversial deal with India’s Krrish Group.


Although appointed to protect the law, Nanda breaks the law


mallawarachchiThe history of Maj. Gen. Nanda Mallawarachchi, appointed secretary of the newly-formed Law and Order Ministry, is replete with corruption and fraud, Army sources say.


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