26 March 2019
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Sri Ranga proves Sirasa’s lowly media use!

minnal rangaCitizen’s Front leader, former MP and a media henchman of Killi Maharaja’s Maharaja Organization, J. Sri Ranga has not received nominations to contest the upcoming parliamentary election, and is in the UPFA’s national list. That is as a token of gratitude for having been loyal to former president Mahinda Rajapaksa in the past. Ranga entered the media field as the media secretary of Rajapaksa, when he was the fisheries minister.


Later, he joined Maharaja Organization, where he was a journalist even during the period he was an MP, and is one of the political henchmen of Killi Maharaja. Killi Maharaja stationed Ranga as his representative in the Rajapaksa faction, and an example of how he uses Maharaja Organization to promote Rajapaksa was seen on Shakthi TV on July 04.

CWC Central provincial councilor P. Shakthivel was participating in the Minnel programme presented by Ranga. Viewers believe it to be a live programme as the screen shows the tag ‘live’, but it is a recorded one. Most who viewed the July 04 programme know the truth now.


Minnel is only a programme to uplift Ranga and the Mahinda faction to the wants of Ranga. He is the decision maker, as to who would take part, what should be the questions to be asked and the answers, who would join the programme over the phone, what should be the questions and what time the over-the-phone questions are asked etc. The producer should work according to the wants of Ranga.

The July 04 programme was recorded in the afternoon of that day. In the course of the programme, Ranga advised the PC member to ask questions that are disadvantageous to the UNP and Digambaram. Now, the CWC is losing its power in the estates and Digambaram is becoming popular, that is why it has become Ranga’s task to oppose him. The reason is that if by any chance the UPFA loses Nuwara Eliya, Ranga will lose his national list MP position too. Therefore, Ranga instructed the PC member, and advised the producer during the programme to connect the callers at such and such times.

All these calls were prearranged by Ranga and the questions were also given by him.

In this manner, Minnel programme is conducted against the UNP and Digambaram and in support of Mahinda faction, with the knowledge of Maharaja owner Killi Maharaja. Our website has been publishing articles about Killi Maharaja’s lowly media use and they are now trying to uplift Mahinda Rajapaksa, who went home after his defeat on January 08. Maharaja’s media henchmen are openly using their television and radio channels and promoting Rajapaksa without any sense of shame.

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