22 April 2019
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Sirasa owner’s sexual jealousy against Magenta boss!

maharaja exSirasa Media Network’s owner, 75-year-old Killy Maharaja is having a sexual jealousy against Prashan Subramaniam, who owns Magenta Advertising, say sources at Sirasa. This is after Prashan snatched a girl from Killy’s harem.

According to our sources, Basil Rajapaksa had told the Sirasa boss to obtain Mahinda Rajapaksa’s advertisements from Magenta Advertising, which supervised the campaign of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa at the last presidential election. Although Basil asked him to obtain election advertisements worth Rs. 360 million, the Sirasa boss told him that Magenta could not be paid the commission for that much of advertisements. Then, Basil inquired from the person who had coordinated the deal, as to why the 15 per cent commission normally paid to an advertising agency cannot be paid to Magenta Advertising. The coordinator’s response was, “Oh, Sir. Our boss will not touch Magenta even if he is given one billion worth of advertisements. Don’t you know, it is because Prashan was caught snatching a bit belonging to the boss. The boss told me to get the 360 million directly.”

Accordingly, Killy had got Magenta Advertising sidelined and directly obtained Rs. 360 million for Mahinda Rajapaksa’s advertisements. In addition, he had obtained Rs. 527 million more for the Sirasa TV and radio sponsorship to portray that Rajapaksa’s rallies were attended by huge crowds. That much alone was charged purely to edit the videos to highlight the crowds. The coordinator for this project on behalf of Sirasa Media Network was Killy’s closest female friend, group directress Nedra Weerasinghe, while Shamindra Rajapaksa, second son of Chamal Rajapaksa, coordinated from the then government’s side.

Also, president Maithripala Sirisena paid Rs. 200 million to Sirasa for his election advertisements, and at the rate of three for one, he was given free advertisments worth Rs. 400 million. In return, the president appointed Sirasa new director as his media spokesman and recently granted nine more frequencies to Sirasa Media Network. The president had given the order to Telecommunications Regulatory Commission chairman Suhair, to issue Sirasa with these frequencies from the official room of Killy, when he had gone to open the pandal at the Sirasa Vesak zone, say Sirasa sources further.

As reported by us previously, Killy obtained three million dollars to promote the Colombo port city project. Director Chevaan Daniel coordinated that campaign. Recently, a programme by Ran Bima, aimed at promoting the port city project, took place at Galle Face Green, where the chief guest was president Sirisena. Sirasa has so much belittled the head of state that only Daniel and announcer Priyantha Wijesinghe were there there receive him. However, Sirasa was able to get all Chinese officers of the project to participate in order to seal the deal. This makes it clear that president Sirisena has become a puppet of Killy. Just like it did to Mahinda and Gota, Sirasa will show the way (Sirasai Paara Kiyanne) for Maithripala Sirisena to his destruction.

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