10 December 2018
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Why Muruttettuwe Ananda loves Mahinda so much?

mr abhayaramaya EXCLUSIVEThese days, the most popular temple in Sri Lanka is Abhayaramaya. That temple is more important than Atamasthana and Solosmasthana, where Buddha had visited. That is because of the new advent of Mahinda.
Now, Muruttettuwe Ananda Nayaka Thera of the nurses reveres Mahinda Rajapaksa more than the sacred relics at his temple.
Many are wondering as to why the Nayaka Thera of nurses is treating Mahinda so much, although he had been rejected by the people. According to reports, that is because the Mahinda regime had covered up a massive financial fraud committed by him. Abhayaramaya in Narahenpita belongs to Poorwaramaya in Kirulapone. When Radelle Nayaka Thera was the chief priest of both temples, Nayaka Thera of nurses came to Abhayaramaya and became its chief priest by wicked means. In actual fact, the true owner of Abhayaramaya is Pathberiye Wimalagnana Thera, the chief priest of Poorwaramaya.
The government took over a sizeable plot of land belonging to the temple when two roads by its sides were expanded, and as compensation Rs. 233 million was given. The Nayaka Thera of nurses obtained this compensation by faking documents to show that he is the chief priest. For that, he received the aid of Kotte chapter Mahanayake Thera Ittepane Dhammalankara Thera. After coming to know about this, the true owner, Pathberiye Thera inquired from the UDA and got it confirmed that the Rs. 233 m was already paid. Checking the temple’s accounts, he found that only nearly Rs. 100 m remained. When asked about it, the Nayaka Thera of nurses said he used the money to pay state officials who helped him to obtain the compensation. Suspecting this, Pathberiye Thera complained to the then commissioner of Buddhist affairs, who took the money into his custody, and then got it deposited in an account under the custodianship of the public trustee.
The question of the money unaccounted for has gone to the courts, but the Nayaka Thera of nurses has been able to secure the right to spend the interest money received for the account to the name of the public trustee. The Colombo high court is still hearing a case pertaining to the faking of documents. During the Mahinda regime, it was this case file which Mahinda had used to get Nayaka Thera of nurses to dance to his tunes. During that period, the Nayaka Thera of nurses kept so much silence that one wondered as to whether he was living or dead. Soon after Maithripala Sirisena became the president, he woke up from his dream, fearing that this case file will be taken out by someone. The best solution is to get Mahinda back to power and cover up the fraud once again. Therefore, the Nayaka Thera of nurses is committing his life these days to bring Mahinda back to power. The Maha Nayaka Theras, Anu Nayaka Theras know this fraud very well, but they remain silent, because it is through the nurses union of the Nayaka Thera of nurses that they get all the treatment at state expense, when they become ill.
Now, the Pathberiye Thera too, is indirectly supporting the covering up of the matter, because the Nayaka Thera of nurses is old and ailing. He is dreaming how the Rs. 233 m will fall on his hands once the Nayaka Thera of nurses passes away.
It is the gratitude of the Sinhalese which makes the Nayake Thera of nurses to shelter the ‘proud father of the nation’ in his abode and give all the treatment, as it was him who had helped him to commit this fraud. 
Await a detailed report with regard to the case files and the payment of the compensation.

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