20 January 2019
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The true story behind Yoshitha, Yasara and Wasim!

thajudeen 111It is important to take a look again at the lankaleaks article posted on 08 July 2012 that first revealed the mystery surrounding the death of Wasim Thajudeen, which has come up again.
Below is an English translation of the posting:
Everybody knows that Yasara Abeynayake is the girlfriend of present president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s son Yoshitha. Before their affair received the blessings of Shiranthi Rajapaksa in order for the use of Yasara as the puppet for the running of the Rajapaksa family’s television channel, she had been truly in love with Wasim Thajudeen, who died mysteriously. The selfish Ananda Abeynayake opposed their affair since the beginning due to Wasim being a Muslim.
The friendship between Abeynayake-Rajapaksa dates back to the period of the ‘undying people.’ Abeynayake was able to send his daughter to activities of Tharunyata Hetak in order to realise his dream of seeing her as the daughter-in-law of the future president. By the time it came to be known that Yoshitha had a liking for Yasara, she had already become pregnant by Wasim.
Dreaming of getting the Rajapaksa name added to that of Abeynayake, the father relieved the daughter from her burden, and then kept her under house arrest.
Abeynayake was so willing that he even left home citing work whenever Yoshitha visited his home.
Saying that Yasara should not waste her time at home, Yoshitha got her an appointment as an executive producer at Eye Channel. The girl was not willing in the beginning, but later came to taste the money and the power and did her utmost to get Yoshitha attached to her. Even though being older to him, Yoshitha identified the talents of Yasara and appointed her as the head of Carlton television channel.
Once Yoshitha, together with Namal the treasure hunter, subjected Sri Lanka’s rugby under the influence of the mafia, a fearless ruggerite raised a voice against them. Despite being a Muslim, Wasim Thajudeen had risen up against injustice even during his schooldays.
The rise up of Thajudeen against Yoshitha’s rugby mafia, against the threatening of other players at the grounds by using political power, against the issuing death threats during exchange of words while at play, were all seen by Yoshitha as acts of jealousy by the former lover of Yasara. But, Wasim was even prepared to marry her when Yasara became pregnant. But, the selfish Ananda Abeynayake and his daughter discarded him like a piece of garbage and forgot him.
Wasim was always an obstacle against her becoming the wife of the president’s son, and he was also a rival of Abeynayake. He had never dug up the history, but he was a threat to the Abeynayake family. Therefore, Abeynayake kept telling falsehoods to Yoshitha that Wasim was threatening and harassing his daughter.
This makes is clear that the sole objective was to see the end of Wasim. It is an open secret that the last exchange of words between Wasim and Yoshitha took place at Flower Drum restaurant, where Wasim had referred to a birthmark of Yasara, which led Yoshitha’s outrage to bursting point. Wasim suffered the same fate that befell Daskon.
He was abducted, suffocated with his head put inside a polythene bag and his dead body put inside his car, which was set on fire, as Yoshitha’s friends were used to say when they became drunk. But, according to Sri Lanka’s police, it was a road accident. All are silent because everybody knows that Yoshitha cannot be punished other than by a government of the opposition. Yoshitha’s killer army is still at large!!
Present status
Since the above article has everything contained in it, it is pointless to speak any further about the killing. But, it is clear that law enforcement authorities covered it up due to pressure. All those behind it should be brought to book. Many questions remain to be asked from the officials who carried out the investigation:
The then police spokesman said the accident had taken place due to speeding. If so, what is the speed of the vehicle according to the police?
What is the speed, according to police, for a vehicle to meet with a fatal accident?
In a two-lane road, what is the extent of the damage a vehicle could suffer, after going at the speed mentioned by police between a tree and a small boutique, and then turning 90 degrees to hit the wall of Shalika grounds?
Will tire marks remain after a speeding vehicle turn 90 degrees and hit a wall?
Was there any damage to the tires of the vehicle driven by Wasim? How come the tires remained undamaged after a speeding vehicle met with an accident?
From which place inside of the car the fire suspected by the police emanated?
How come the easily inflammable dashboard remained intact?
Did police look into as to why Wasim had been speeding?
Was he under the influence of liquor?
What did the occupants of nearby houses say about the ‘accident’ which should have been very loud?
How come Wasim’s seat burnt the most, while other seats were unharmed?
Didn’t any other vehicle pass the spot at Park Lane after the accident at 1.00 pm at night?
How come Wasim’s purse was found 1.5 km away several days later?
Do people travelling in speeding vehicles throw away their purses?
What is the distance from the scene of the accident to the nearest bend at Park Road? Can the vehicle reach the speed mentioned by police from that bend? In the meantime, can the occupant throw his purse away?
What are the safety ratings of the vehicle?
Was a crash test conducted into the vehicle? 
Another important thing is that two days prior to this incident, a dilapidated van without number-plates or owner was found burnt near the bridge towards Pelawatte from Sri Jayewardenepura Parliament road.
Talking about Yasara again, her affair with Yoshitha broke up 1.5 years ago. She studied at Middlesex University from 2005 to 2008. Returning to Sri Lanka, she got to know about Wasim through her schoolmates Oshini and Shyamali, and they became lovers in 2009. Later, she was introduced to Yoshitha by another friend, Kaushi Edirisinghe, a model. Later, they became lovers. Her birthday is on February 13.
It is time to punish the killers. This is for the attention of all those who speak of ‘Yaha Paalanaya’!!!!!!!!!!!!

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