20 January 2019
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Central Bank governor’s son-in-law comes to rescue of Rajapaksas’ bank accounts!

mr familyThe son-in-law of Central Bank governor Arjuna Mahendran is fully supporting attempts to prevent the disclosure of the bank accounts where the Rajapaksas have deposited their black money, say very reliable sources. Named Alocius, he is also the business partner of Namal Rajapaksa and Sajin Vaas Gunawardena.

Namal Rajapaksa had 650 million USD in his account at Mashreque Bank in Dubai. The alarmed Rajapaksas are trying to cover up this account after investigations were launched by the new government in collaboration with world organizations into their black money.

It is some work related to this account that Yoshitha Rajapaksa paid a sudden visit to Dubai and Ukraine as a Navy investigation was underway against him. Taking a power of attorney license from Namal, he had met Mashreque Bank representatives and asked that the money in his brother’s account be transferred immediately to a bank in Ukraine. However, the bank officials have told Yoshitha that they cannot transfer such a huge amount of money that quickly and that had it done so, it would risk losing its banking license under the regulations pertaining to cleaning black money.

Rajapaksas have then obtained advice from Alocius and signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Dubai bank. According to that agreement, the Rajapaksas can take Mashreque Bank to court if it reveals details of the said account to a third party. But, it can furnish the details to organizations and countries investigating the cleaning of black money.

Rajapaksas are going behind various persons these days, pleading that they be allowed to live in freedom even by forfeiting every cent they had acquired illegally, say the sources.

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