22 April 2019
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The Plight of the Senior Citizens not resolved as yet.

eldersIn March this year there was a big clamour regarding the plight of the Senior Citizens’ Fixed Deposit Schemes.

When the restriction of the maximum Deposit of Rs. One Million for a 15% rate per Annum was declared there was a hue and cry and persistent outcry from many people. There was a proposition that Senior Citizens’ Deposits will not be limited to the Rs. One Million Restriction, the people were very happy, eagerly awaiting the directive from the Government . But it is over Four Months since the proposition was made and looks like it has died a natural death.


It is hightime that the government issues this directive without delay to alleviate the sufferings of the Senior Citizens.

It should not be forgotten that the Senior Citizens are either parents or grand-parents of the younger generation, the main vote bank for any political party.

At the sametime restricting the benefits to only Senior Citizens is another hindrance to the progress of any political entity. Because there are sick people who are not Senior Citizens. There are disabled people who are not Senior Citizens. There are young children who have their own families and who have a bounden duty to take care of their parents and/or grandparents and who do not have the wherewithal to provide daily sustenance and healthcare to Senior citizens who are not in the pink of their health.

We sincerely trust that His Excellency the President, Mr. Maithripala Sirisena, would study the various points raised in this letter and intervene on behalf of the Senior Citizens to implement what is right, fair and reasonable.

Ms. Nelum Vithanage

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