26 March 2019
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SL pages (UK) Ltd is launching a community directory in United Kingdom

sl ukThe United Kingdom is the world’s sixth largest economy. UK has come out of the recession with blooming success and in record breaking speed. Having mentioned that, I would like to underpin the contribution of ‘British Sri Lankan’ contribution in all the sectors. SL Pages (UK) LTD is initiated a plan to serve the Sri Lankan community which is increasing annually.

There is a growing demand for the comprehensive market network that the UK Sri Lankan community have relied upon for generations. Retaining and sharing this high volume of specialised skills and businesses is in the interest and development of this same community.

As highlighted by several economists, recent economic growth within the UK has largely been supported by small to medium businesses. SL Pages will serve as a business directory aimed at the Sri Lankan community in UK, or anyone who is interested in finding avenues to advertise businesses in this community. SL PAGES will develop this market and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of this Sri Lankan community in UK. The directory will be published in both a paper and an online format. This directory will serve as a key component in bringing together the varied and talented skillset of every member of this community and assisting in the personal and professional of those very members.

SL Pages (UK) would like to enhance and secure bonds with ‘British Sri Lankan’ with Sri Lankan business. With UK’s new high growth in economy Sri Lankan community in UK has also developed in same manner. This will ring numbers of holidays they make. Being Sri Lankan personally Sri Lanka is my first choice of holiday. I’m sure that would be very similar to any other Sri Lankan living in UK. Given its new economic dawn, the visitors will create further business. British Sri Lankan or British who visit the island look for quality referrals in services once they visit the island. SL Pages (UK) wants to cover this gap and advertise Sri Lankan business and people who are interested in penetrate in to the UK market.

While SL Pages have their own agenda in more circulation and 85% reach of potential of the target audience, they have blue plans to make turnaround results in the digital space to grow awareness in our own businesses in our society. This will be a tool for Sri Lankan to emerge in to UK business as our target audience covers up third party entrepreneurs who likes to do business within the community. However SL pages have other services which might not be covered by any other website. This includes special features that will help the community. Last but not least we are not forgetting the new starters in trade. You can be a handy man, dress maker or caterer in small scale. This directory will provide an opportunity to voice their skills and interests. This is the opportunity to get your recognition in the society.

SL pages have the expertise to get you to the cyber age of business as well as the conceptual value of the paper directory. Next challenge or the feature is going to be the mobile app where you can find the closest Sri Lankan restaurant or the garage when you are in need. If you have any thoughts that can improve the service we are going to offer, please let us know. This is for the Sri Lankan community. We have hundred percent transparency in our operation and very open for any suggestions. Our vision is to support Sri Lankan businesses to grow within our community regardless of location within the UK.

SL Pages (UK) Ltd has it blue plans already on their drawing boards for an expansion in to the European market. This will certainly bring about more opportunities and expand the network of Sri Lankan globally. This is not ‘just a directory’ SL pages web will connect all the Sri Lankan together around the world with our updates and with an event diary. Be Proud to make the lion roar. As Sri Lankans, we are not alone. We are united irrespective of wherever we reside.

Any queries, admission or information please contact
Tel 0203 4322 151 / 0203 4321 344 / 079 30 9625 45 / 0078 43 9988 17)
E mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ( SL Pages is a registered -09661991 trade name of regulated authorities in United Kingdom)

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