10 December 2018
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A New Book on PTSD Shell Shock to Palali Syndrome (PTSD Sri Lankan Experience ) - Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge

gtrytoo 1Foreword
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is an abnormal response to extremely stressful event is becoming increasingly common in Sri Lanka. The reason for this increase can be attributed to various social upheavals that we have experienced in the past three decades in our country. The War in the North, the two insurrections in the South of the Country, the increase in violence in households and in the community have all contributed to the increase of PTSD in our society.  In addition to man made trauma, we have experienced an immense natural disaster of 2004 Tsunami. Read more...

Thus Replied To Zarathustra - Ruwan M Jayatunge M.D.

Fed-nietzsche2Zarathustra who are you?  Are you the book for all and none? At the age of thirty you go into the wilderness and enjoy your spirit and your solitude. You had been there for ten years. What did you bring to us? Did you bring happiness or emancipation? Zarathustra the time has come. We shall meet. Read more...

few things in life - Dr Suren Raghvan


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Mahinda Rajapakse in the Departure Lounge - Dr Kumar David

mr 1This piece is premised on the assumption that President Mahinda Rajapakse (Mahinda) may be defeated on 8 January 2015, which is not the same as saying it is a certainty - that is too early to judge since the Maithripala Sirisena (Maithri) challenge needs to prove its endurance. Read more...

forgiveness is not easy - Dr Suren Raghvan


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