20 January 2019
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When The Giants Fall..............

mr army thumb100Long long long ago when the sun, moon and the stars were young our earth was ruled by giants. They walked earth like behemoths scattering away the humans they ruled like rice husks before winnowing winds. Everyone was afraid of them. Even the birds soaring in carefree abandon under the brilliant blue sky didn't sing when the giants were in sight. Flowers blooming in myriad of colorful shades just went into hiding when they heard the reverberating footfalls of the giants approaching. Grass didn't grow into lush green and withered to yellowing stalks because they were unhappy too. Read more...

Vultural cultoorists

20150103 201438 “Sri Lanka has a rich cultural heritage” is an oft heard cliché among certain segments of society. It is a catchall used to describe something that is understood but vaguely if it is understood at all.  Read more...

The Gravest Mistake


salman-khan-amazing-body-hdI have seen politicians make errors during the election campaigns. In the last presidential election, SF declined exponentially after his "Kalawadda" outburst.


The Untold Story of the Hammond Hill (Hammenheil ) Prison - Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge

 hamond hillA world renowned social psychologist Philip Zimbardo conducted a prison simulation study in 1971 at the Stanford University with his student volunteers. He randomly divided these volunteers into guards and inmates and then placed in a mock prison environment. Read more...

Remembering the Tsunami Disaster, 10 Years Later - Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge

tsThe massive earthquake off the west coast of Indonesia on December 26, 2004, registered a magnitude of nine on the Richter scale. The effect of this earthquake made massive tidal waves that destroyed the costal belt of the northern and southern Sri Lanka. Perhaps this must have been the most catastrophic natural disaster ever experienced by Sri Lankans in their recent history. The damage was colossal. Tsunami had killed over 50,000 people in Sri Lanka. A number of villages have been wiped off and more than 100,000 houses were destroyed. Read more...

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