26 March 2019
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La nuit est encore jeune, film by Indika Udugampola goes to Singapore

la 1La nuit est encore jeune (The Night is Still Young), French film written and directed by Indika Udugampola, has been selected for the Singapore International Film Festival to be held from 04th –to 14th of December 2014. This is the first-ever French film made by a Sri Lankan filmmaker.
The film stars Pascaline Bellegrade, Anna Lemonaki and Lakshan  Abenayke. The photography of the film has done by Channa Deshapriya. Sound recording by Pierre-Emmanuel Martinet. Editing by Shailesh Macwan. Original score was composed by Nadeeka Guruge.


Indika Udugampola
Indika Udugampola is a Sri Lankan filmmaker, who has been living in France since 2008. He started his professional carrier as a journalist, serving as the Sri Lankan coordinator of Radio Veritas Asia. He directed his first Tele-feature-series “Kokila Sandwaniya” (Symphony of Cuckoos) in 2003, inspired by the French novel “La Symphonie Pastorale” by Andre Gide. He then directed a short film series for television “Rathi Virathi” (Black & Black), inspired by the short stories of Italian writer, Alberto Moravia. He has written and directed fourteen short films and six documentaries, most of which have been selected at numerous film festivals. He also won the award for the Best Film Critic in SIGNIS Film Festival in 2003.
In 2007, he was selected for an artist residential program on cinema offered by Cultural section of the UNESCO organization and accordingly awarded a scholarship at McColl Center in North Carolina, USA.
After earning a Masters Degree in Fine Arts in Film Directing, he obtained the French Proficiency Advanced Diploma in 2013. Indika founded the Hors Cadre Image to initiate making independent films.
The Night is Still Young (La nuit est encore jeune) is his first feature film.

Short synopsis
An exiled woman who dreams of becoming a classical singer,
A lesbian butcher with a mysterious curse,
A garbage collector who naively stumbles into treacherous territory.
Seduction, betrayal, jealousy, and intrigue combine in an atmosphere of barely contained madness.

Once upon a time, a fallen princess, who dreamed of becoming a classical singer, was lost in a dark forest, where wolves and bears prowled. Her fear was so great that she ran as far as her legs could carry her. Suddenly, she came upon a beautiful house near a mysterious graveyard. She knocked on the door and a butcheress, struck by a curse and awaiting the love of a princess, opened the door. The princess begged her for food and refuge. In return, the butcheress demanded her friendship in order to free herself from her curse. In desperation, the princess nodded and said, "yes" to sharing her life. Henceforth, they made a habit of cutting meat while praying at sunrise and of humming a love song while ridding a tandem at nightfall.
One day a lost knight, a trash collector by profession, came upon this treacherous kingdom and began to sound his horn.
Thus, seduction, betrayal, jealousy and intrigue intertwine in an atmosphere of barely contained madness, finally proving that fairy tales do not always have a happy ending.

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