19 February 2019
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  • What “Power Sharing”? It’s Complete Centralising By Rajapaksas!

    Over a year ago, when President Rajapaksa swept the boards clean to secure a two thirds majority in parliament, the talk was, he would thrash Champika

  • Retirement age extended

    The government has decided to extend the retirement age of the public service in order to extend the retirement age of Presidential Secretary Lalith Weeratunge and several ministry

  • North remains unchanged even after the removal of emergency

    Military activities in the North remain unchanged although special security measures in the area have been minimized following the removal of emergency regulations.

  • Medical degree of the private medical college accepted

    The Higher Education Ministry has given permission to the private medical college in Malabe, South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine Pvt Ltd., to offer MBBS degrees.

  • Manusha’s company gets Rs. 20 lakhs to prepare Lakshman’s theme song

    Galle District parliamentarian Manusha Nanayakkara’s High Ad company has been assigned to prepare the theme song for the Productivity Ministry that is under Lakshman Seneviratne’s purview.

  • Navy Asanga killed on Kudu Duminda’s request

    The Police STF has assassinated underworld figure Navy Asanga following a request made by parliamentarian Duminda Silva also known as Kudu Duminda. Navy Asanga was taken in to

  • Army saves Grease Devils

    A group of Army soldiers have come to the rescue of a Grease Devil who was being attacked by villagers in Pubudupura in Anuradhapura when he was caught trying to abuse a woman in the village.

  • Police book with Nipuna’s complaint goes missing

    The police book with the complaint lodged by Nipuna Ramanayake, who was studying at the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, and his mother on the brutal attack on him by

  • To go for the Olympics Observer editor sacks two journalists

    Editor of the Observer newspaper and the Sports Editor of the Daily News newspaper of the state owned Lake House, Dinseh Weerawansa has suspended the services of two Daily News

  • Rupavahini war correspondent Saman Ramawickrema pleads for clemency from the President

    Cameraman of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) Saman Ramawickrema, who covered the Wanni operation, had fallen at the President’s feet and begged to save his life saying


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